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Ricardo SIGNES
Moose::Autobox - Autoboxed wrappers for Native Perl datatypes
Moose::Autobox::Array - the Array role
Moose::Autobox::Code - the Code role
Moose::Autobox::Defined - the Defined role
Moose::Autobox::Hash - the Hash role
Moose::Autobox::Indexed - the Indexed role
Moose::Autobox::Item - the Item role
Moose::Autobox::List - the List role
Moose::Autobox::Number - the Number role
Moose::Autobox::Ref - the Ref role
Moose::Autobox::Scalar - the Scalar role
Moose::Autobox::String - the String role
Moose::Autobox::Undef - the Undef role
Moose::Autobox::Value - the Value role
Changes for version 0.15
    • hide internal packages from PAUSE
    • point repo/bugtracker at GitHub

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