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Dave Rolsky
Moose::Policy - Moose-mounted police
Moose::Policy::FollowPBP - Follow the recomendations in Perl Best Practices
Moose::Policy::JavaAccessors - BeCause EveryOne Loves CamelCase
Moose::Policy::SingleInheritence - Why would you ever need more than one?
Moose::Policy::FollowPBP::Attribute in lib/Moose/Policy/FollowPBP.pm
Moose::Policy::JavaAccessors::Attribute in lib/Moose/Policy/JavaAccessors.pm
Moose::Policy::SingleInheritence::MetaClass in lib/Moose/Policy/SingleInheritence.pm
Changes for version 0.05
    • This distribution has been deprecated for a long time. This release makes it official. Note that this module no longer even passes its tests with recent versions of Moose.

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