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יובל קוג'מן (Yuval Kogman)
MooseX::Clone - Fine grained cloning support for Moose objects.
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Clone - The Moose::Meta::Attribute trait for deeply cloning attributes.
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Copy - Simple copying of arrays and hashes for MooseX::Clone
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::NoClone - A trait for attrs that should not be copied while cloning.
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::StrableClone - The Moose::Meta::Attribute trait for deeply cloning attributes using Storable.
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Clone::Base in lib/MooseX/Clone/Meta/Attribute/Trait/Clone/Base.pm
MooseX::Clone::Meta::Attribute::Trait::Clone::Std in lib/MooseX/Clone/Meta/Attribute/Trait/Clone/Std.pm
Changes for version 0.05
    • Fix cloning for attrs when init_arg is passed under Clone trait
    • auto_deref related fixes (Evan Carroll)

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