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Signature supporting method metaclass
Compiled signature method metaclass
Parameter API role
Compiled parameter API role
Moose style parameter metaclass
Compiled Moose parameter metaclass
Signature API role
Combined signature metaclass
Compiled combined signature
Compiled signature API role
Named signature metaclass
Compiled named signature
Positional signature metaclass
Compiled positional signature
(DEPRECATED) Method declaration with type checking
Constant generator for MooseX::Method
Exception class for MooseX::Method
Testsuite for Moose parameters
Testsuite for combined signatures
Testsuite for named signatures
Testsuite for positional signatures


in lib/MooseX/Test/Parameter/
in lib/MooseX/Test/Parameter/
in lib/MooseX/Test/Parameter/
in lib/MooseX/Test/Signature/
in lib/MooseX/Test/Signature/
in lib/MooseX/Test/Parameter/