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Chris Weyl
MooseX::TrackDirty::Attributes - Track dirtied attributes
MooseX::TrackDirty::Attributes::Trait::Attribute::Native::Trait - Compatibility trait between the track-dirty and native traits
MooseX::TrackDirty::Attributes::Trait::Class - Attribute metaclass helper metaclass helper trait
MooseX::TrackDirty::Attributes::Trait::Method::Accessor::Native - Shim trait for handling native trait's writer accessor classes
MooseX::TrackDirty::Attributes::Trait::Role::Composite - Apply our application::to* traits to any composition of our role and any other
MooseX::TrackDirty::Attributes::Util - Laziness -- alias functions
Changes for version 2.002
  • use around, not override, to modify methods; this helps prevent
    • conflicts with other traits [Gianni Ceccarelli]

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