Dirk Lindner

Changes for version 1.01

  • I Think the main System works now.Looking for tester and Translators. There a only a few changes since 0.94 forget to update the change log in the past. Currently I use MYsql::Admin also as CMS (take a look at http://lindnerei.de). So there a few new files in extra/. rpc.pl ( need 'Frontier::RPC2' => '>=0.06') xml-rpc file for the Blog (scribe fire). Use Movable type if you choose the blog type. plaintext.pl ( need 'XML::XSLT' => '>=0.48') The CMS use a pure JavaScript system. This file can be parsed by Google without js. Move this files to /cgi-bin/ if necessary. Search::Tools::UTF8 Will be used to detect the encoding of none Unicode tables. Could be possible that the following line will be need at several places within the source code. eval{ use Search::Tools::UTF8; utf8::encode( $value ) unless is_valid_utf8( $value );#works always instead of utf8::is_utf8 }; eval is used because the system works also without XS.
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