Author image Ramin Charles Nakisa


PsionToGnomecard - Perl extension for converting files exported from the Psion Contacts application to vcard format suitable for Gnomecard.


  use PsionToGnomecard;
  convert( "Contacts.vcf", "Contacts.txt" );

  use PsionToGnomecard 'convert';
  convert( "Contacts.vcf", "Contacts.txt" );


This module converts a file exported from the Psion "Contacts" application into standard vcard format, which can then be used directly by the Gnome address book application GnomeCard. It s known to work with a Psion 5mx and version 1.2.0 of GnomeCard. You must first export the address file from Contacts on your Psion by starting up Contacts, then select "File->More->Export contact" which will bring up an "Export contact" dialog box. In the "Contacts" pull-down menu, select "All contacts in view" and remember the filename you chose and directory you chose. Then import the file to your windows machine with the usual Psion connectivity software and then you can use this module to perform the conversion.


Ramin Charles Nakisa,