* Requirements *

- perl
- Catalyst (http://www.catalystframework.org/)
- postgresql (http://www.postgresql.org/)
- a smtp server

* Installation from source code *

perl Makefile.PL
make install

On the database serveur:

- You may want to create a specific user:
  From postgres as administrator:
    CREATE ROLE 'rolename' WITH LOGIN PASSWORD 'rolepassword';
  From command line:
    createuser 'rolename' --password

- Create a database owned by this role:
  From postgres as administrator:
    CREATE DATABASE 'basename' OWNER TO 'rolename';
  From command line:
    createdb basename -O rolename

- restore the based schema with sql/postgres.dump AS rolename
  psql -u rolename basename < sql/postgres.dump

(Refer to postgresql documentation for more options)

Copy the vote.yml.example to /etc/vote.yml then edit it:
- change the db settings (and probably the smtp one)

- configure apache to use either the cgi or fast_cgi program or run
  it as a standalone server.

Enjoy !


This application is provide as is, without any warranty.

This file is just a quick installation guide to install the
application does it best to respect basic rules of elections
but do not provide information about security YOU should provide
around to avoid fraud.

* Contact *

Olivier Thauvin <olivier dot thauvin at latmos dot ipsl dot fr>