Nathan Goodman
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 1.13

  • New features
  • Filters can use (almost) arbitrary SQL. Implementation uses new Data::Babel::Filter objects
  • 'check_contents' method - checks whether explict Masters contain all ids in the underlying MapTables Diagnosed FAILs seen by David Cantrell. Caused by MySQL bug in duplicate removal (SELECT DISTINCT) with repeated output columns. Bug present in MySQL 5.0.32, fixed in or before 5.0.86 Bug fixes
  • 'apostrophe' bug: ID containing apostrophe triggered bug in partial duplicate removal
  • Implicit master created in application and passed into Babel constructor not processed by make_implicit_masters and thus not set up properly
  • maptables attribute of recycled idtype not reset Test changes
  • Added test for schema mechanics
  • More test cleanup subsequent to fixing of 'implicit masters' bug
  • Fixed boilerplate & pod tests
  • Added test for MySQL bug in duplicate removal (SELECT DISTINCT) with repeated output column in 000.reqs
  • Added 'query' arg to select_ur and test cases in 009.util
  • Added tests for complex filters
  • Changed 'translate' to use Filter objects
  • Changed manifest test as in AutoDB, changed MANIFEST.SKIP to not skip itself, added dependency for Test::CheckManifest Documentation changes
  • Deprecated obsolete workflow-related attributes and removed them from examples
  • Deprecated obsolete maptable header macro - it was just a bad idea...
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