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Paul Winkeler
coverage.pl - Analyze Which File-Systems (if any) Are Backed Up
drive-watch.pl - Monitor NetBackup Drive Status
history.pl - Display host backup history
js.pl - NetBackup job status reporting
nbutop.pl - An active backup job monitoring utility for NetBackup
refresh.pl - Compute tape volumes needed for WM(S/Q) refresh
robot-snapshot.pl - Report and Analyze Tape Robot Contents
scratch.pl - Return empty volumes back to scratch pool
toc.pl - Volume table of contents listing
volume-list.pl - List Contents of NetBackup Volume Db and Media Manager Db
volume-status.pl - Volume attribute analysis tool
NBU - Main entry point for NetBackup OO Modules
NBU::Class - Support for NBU Policies (formerly known as Classes)
NBU::Drive - Support for tape Drives
NBU::File - Support for data on individually backed up files
NBU::Fragment - Interface to backup set fragments as stored by NetBackup
NBU::Host - Implements support for clients, Media Servers and Masters alike
NBU::Image - Support for NetBackup Images, i.e. discrete backup sets
NBU::Job - Interface to NetBackup Job manipulation and reporting
NBU::License - Support for NetBackup licensing information gathering
NBU::Media - Every backup volume is represented by an NBU::Media object
NBU::Mount - Model NetBackup mount events in the course of a backup job
NBU::Pool - Volume Pool Support
NBU::Retention - Retention Level modeling
NBU::Robot - Interface to NetBackup robot manipulation and querying routines
NBU::Schedule - Model policy (formerly Class) execution schedules
NBU::StorageUnit - Provide Access to NetBackup Storage Unit information and configuration

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