Revision history for Perl module Algorithm::LUHN

1.02 2014-06-30 NEILB
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username
    - Added Algorithm::Damm and Math::CheckDigits to SEE ALSO
    - Fixed errors in pod: using c<...> instead of C<...> and
      not escaping the > character.
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini so META.json is included in releases

1.01 2014-06-30 NEILB

    - Added SEE ALSO section with links to other LUHN modules.
    - Renamed CHANGES to Changes and reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Moved to lib/Algorithm/, as per convention
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla and set min perl version to 5.006
    - Improved doc for is_valid(), in response to RT#43842
    - Added github repo to pod

1.00 2002-03-26 TAYERS

    - Fixed linguistic problem in error message
      ("not correct" vs.  "incorrect").

0.13 2001-05-03 TAYERS

    - Changed is_valid to always return 1 or '' (instead of 0 or
      sometimes undef) and it sets $ERROR when the check_digit doesn't match.
    - Small change to the calculation of the return value of check_digit.
      Purely for aesthetic reasons.

0.12 2001-05-02 TAYERS

    - Replaced the ill-conceived C<die> call in check_digit with the
      $ERROR variable that contains the reason for the "failure."

0.10 2001-05-01 TAYERS

    - First release to CPAN