Release history for Perl module BackPAN::Index::Create

0.13 2014-10-08
    - Switched to use Module::Loader (see notes for 0.09 below for context).

0.12 2014-08-20
    - Ignore files with trailing space in filename
      (one dodgy file in DURIST's directory).
    - Ignore files with embedded newlines in filename (MERLYN!).
    - Pod fix from BOOK++

0.11 2014-05-23
    - Added BARBIE's script for generating indexes for BackPAN,
      used on the CPAN Testers BackPAN, in examples/.

0.10 2014-05-12
    - Dropped use of catfile, turns out I don't need to use it with

0.09 2014-05-10
    - Dropped Mojo::Loader in favour of Module::Find + Module::Runtime,
      to remove dependency on Mojolicious.

0.08 2014-05-08
    - Added 'order' argument to create_backpan_index(), which specifies
      what order the entries should be written to the index. Can take
      values 'dist', 'author', and 'age'. Defaults to 'dist'.
    - Added a -order command-line option to the create-backpan-index.

0.07 2014-05-06
    - Had to install Strawberry perl on a PC to work out what the problem was.
      Two of the tests were passing the path to the TestPAN as t/testpan
      but it needed to be catfile('t', 'testpan'). Doh!

0.06 2014-05-05
    - A regex that's stripping off the leading path needed \Q .. \E
      wrapped around the path -- was causing test failures on Windows.

0.05 2014-05-05
    - Make the path separator be / on Windows, so the generated index
      looks the same everywhere.

0.04 2014-05-04
    - New tests were failing on Windows, because the line endings in the
      generated files weren't the same as the exemplars I generated on
      my mac. Added test utility function for comparing text files
      ignoring line endings.

0.03 2014-05-03
    - Got rid of my one use of // so I could drop down to requiring 5.6. Sigh.
    - The SYNOPSIS made it look like create_backpan_index() is always exported.
      It isn't, so updated SYNOPSIS to make that clear.
    - Added some real tests.
    - Improved the introductory part of the documentation, adding a link

0.02 2014-05-01
    - Got rid of uses of __SUB__ (which on checking,
      I had misunderstood anyway), so I could drop the Perl version dependency
      to 5.010 (from 5.16). Nudged by BARBIE.

0.01 2014-04-13
    - First release to CPAN