Revision history for Perl module HTTP::Lite

2.44 2015-03-11 NEILB
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla

2.43 2014-01-29
    - Directed people to HTTP::Tiny and LWP at the start of the doc
    - Added links to better modules in SEE ALSO
    - Added "use warnings" (!)
    - Moved into t/original-tests.t

2.42 2013-07-21
    - Fixed typos reported by David Steinbrunner (thanks!)

2.41 2013-07-20
    - Reformatted this file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec

2.4 2012-07-20
    - Fixed RT #13791, which meant you couldn't request --
      had to have to trailing slash on the URL.
    - Don't add request header if value passed is undef (RT #4546).
    - Fixed bug where writing the request can get stuck in a loop.
      Bug reported by Florian Kirchmeir. Fix based on Florian's patch.
    - RT #35360 fixed (fix included in report).
    - Documentation tidy-up
    - Neil Bowers (NEILB) granted co-maint by Adam (thanks)

2.3 2010-12-14
	- No functional changes
	- Updated Module::Install to 1.00
	- Updated author tests and moved to xt directory

2.2 2009-10-01
	- Moved into lib directory
	- Reversed the Changes file order to reverse chronological
	- Moved to Makefile.PL to Module::Install to autodetect more things
	- Add no_index entries for the test data
	- Remove reliable on (partially) dead website for testing
	- Now this module is mature and unlikely to change much, move to
	  a more stable and less complicated versioning scheme that suffers
	  less complications in the Perl toolchain. Also, dotted integers
	  without the use of something like isn't strictly

2.1.6 2004-01-21
	- Fixed User-Agent header problem
	- Fixed lowercase header bugs
	- Thanks goes to contributed patches by various people

2.1.5 2003-10-05
	- Fixed duplicate my in method()
	- Added default content-type for posts
	- header_at_once mode, patch submitted by Roman Radaschutz

2.1.3 2002-02-10
	- Documentation fixes
	- Fixed large write bug in http_write
	- Documented callback system
	- Added local_addr and local_port settings
	- Added method setting to allow use of any request method (GET, PUT,

2.1.1 2002-06-13
	- Documentation fix
	- Compatibility fix for 5.005

2.1.0 2002-06-12
	- Added a callback hook to request() to allow handling of very large
          files and to allow filtering of content.
	- Rewrote significant parts of the code to use references instead
	  of passing data.
	- Rewrote the engine to read data in blocks instead of by lines
	  when not transferring headers
	- Removed the redundant ->content method and associated variables to
          enable handling of large files.
	- Added lots of debugging code (Enable with $http->{DEBUG}
	- Changed ->reset to only clear state and headers instead of also
	  resetting all switches (HTTP/1.1 state, DEBUG state).
	- Singnificant speedup of data transfer code
	- Changed filehandle names to be $url.time()
	- Eliminated all -w warnings

1.0.2 2002-06-11
	- Fixed a few errors in the distribution including missing
 	  test files.

1.0.1 2002-06-11
	- Changed default protocol to HTTP/1.0 and added a switch to
	  activate HTTP/1.1 protocol.

1.0.0 2002-01-08
	- Fixed bug where content-type was always set to only set it has not
	  yet been set.
	  Thanks to Rui Miguel Seabra <>
	- Fixed bug where file descriptors were not being released by
 	  Thanks to Ross Snyder" <>
	- Fixed a bug preventing the module from working with Win32.  The
          side-effect is that timeouts do not work in Win32.
	  Thanks to Andrew Brown <>

0.2.5 2000-12-21
	- fixed minor bug with MIME type provided for posts to be
	  x-www-form-urlencoded, as reported by 
	  Tobias Kunze <>

0.03 2000-09-09
        - fixed two minor bugs as found and reported by "Marcus I. Ryan"
	  <>.  See for details.

0.01 2000-08-27
	- original version; created by h2xs