Revision history for Perl module Lingua::EN::Syllable

0.31 2022-04-16 NEILB
    - Added two more tests to get 100% test coverage

0.30 2016-02-14 NEILB
    - Merged PR from MANWAR, which added MetaProvides::Package to dist.ini

0.29 2015-11-28 NEILB
    - Added SEE ALSO section, with links to Lingua::Phonology and Text::Info
    - Updated github repo URL after changing my github username
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini so META.json is included in releases

0.28 2015-02-26 NEILB
    - Made change suggested in RT#101178, thanks to jgstratt.
      Words ending in -sed like "accused" generally have one fewer syllable
      than the algorithm reports. I think this needs refinement, but it
      seems like it's a general improvement.

0.27 2015-02-24 NEILB
    - Refactored test to be data-driven using Test::More
    - Apart from 'w', single-letter words now return a syllable count of 1.
      RT#101177, thanks to jgstratt.
    - Improved handling of words ending with -ism and -isms. RT#60988

0.26 2014-06-10 NEILB
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla
    - Added github repo to pod, and added std text for LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT
    - Added Changes file

0.251 1999-02-04 GREGFAST
    - First version released to CPAN