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Neil Bowers

Changes for version 2.07

  • made $_ local in the initialisation code for each module change back-propagated from Perl distribution
  • removed two non ISO-8859-1 characters from language names change back-propagated from Perl distribution
  • added the following aliases, with a test case for each
    • Burma added to Myanmar
    • French Southern and Antarctic Lands to French Southern Territories
    • patch from TJ Mather
  • "Canadian Dollar" was mis-spelled as "Candian Dollar"
    • noted by Nick Cabatoff, patch from Michael Hennecke
  • Changes to Locale::Country reflecting changes in ISO 3166
    • added Aland Islands (ax, ala, 248)
    • YUGOSLAVIA is now SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO YU => CS YUG => SCG 891 => 891 (unchanged) (YUGOSLAVIA retained as an alias)
    • EAST TIMOR changed to TIMOR-LESTE (old name retained as an alias)
    • three letter code for Romania changed from ROM to ROU
  • ZAIRE is now CONGO, THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE ZR => CD ZAR => COD 180 => 180 (unchanged) (ZAIRE retained as alias)
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