Revision history for perl module Module::Info

0.37 2015-11-01 NEILB
    - Added a has_pod() method, which returns the path to the file
      containing the pod (it could be a .pod file), if there is one.
      Thanks to YANICK for this.
    - Listed NEILB as the current maintainer in the AUTHOR section.
      Thanks again to YANICK.
    - Added link to github repo to doc.

0.36 2015-10-23 NEILB
    - Dropped our own fork of B::Utils, now rely on CPAN one - RT#13524
    - Now works on recent versions of Perl - RT#97105
    - Pod tests not run on installation - RT#90599

0.35_07 2015-10-19 NEILB
    - I had missed another instance of "the Windows cwd() issue" affecting

0.35_06 2015-10-17 NEILB
    - Added "use strict" to both modules
    - Made the pod coverage test a release test RT#90599
    - Added MIN_PERL_VERSION to Makefile.PL
    - Added a basic README

0.35_05 2015-10-16 NEILB
    - Had a single failure reported by CPAN Testers for Perl 5.22/Windows.
      On Windows, if you "use Cwd" and then call cwd(), then it does an
      implicit "use Win32". On recent perls (sometime after 5.20.1) this
      seems to get built into the op tree in a way that looks like the
      scope doing the cwd() use'd Win32. There are several magic functions
      in which will probably trigger this behaviour. I'll see how this
      change tests out, and possibly just document it for a non dev release.

0.35_04 2015-10-14 NEILB
    - Sigh, forgot to update the min version of B::Utils in Makefile.PL
      Thanks to SREZIC for letting me know.

0.35_03 2015-10-13 NEILB
    - Removed File::Spec from t/lib/
    - Set min required version of B::Utils to 0.27, as that release fixes
      the remaining failing tests.
    - Hacked const_sv() to cope with the change in OP_METHOD_NAMED
      that happened at 5.21.5 (or possibly an earlier 5.21.*).

0.35_02 2015-06-15 NEILB
    - Sigh, forgot to add B::Utils to PREREQ_PM

0.35_01 2015-06-15 NEILB
    - Dropped B::BUtils in favour of using the standard B::Utils.
      subroutines_called() stopped working correctly for standard function
      calls, identifying them as calls via symbolic references. Fixed that.
    - Dropped Build.PL

0.35 2013-09-08 14:10:31 CEST
    - Handle 'package NAME VERSION' syntax (patch by Norbert Gruener)
    - Added repository and license info to metadata
    - Tweaked format of Changes (this file) to match CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.34 2013-05-21 21:48:49 CEST
    - Replace Test::Soundex in tests with Class::Struct, since
      Text::Soundex will not be in core in Perl 5.19 and up.
    - Replace ExtUtils::MY_Metafile with META_MERGE in Makefile.PL.

0.33 2013-02-9 13:12:22 CET
    - Fix tests under Perl 5.6.2 when some core modules have been
      upgraded (patch by Andreas Koenig).

0.32 2010-09-8 23:15:13 CEST
    - Add archlib and privlib to the search path for core modules
      (patch by Jonas B. Nielsen).

0.31_01 2010-04-12 23:53:53 CEST
    - Many test fixes.

0.31 2007-05-28 21:40:10 CEST
    - Fixed tests in presence of 0.72 or newer.
    - Added -h option to module_info.

0.30 2005-12-20 20:17:09 CET
    - Renamed the forked B::Utils to B::BUtils to avoid clashes
      until it is merged into the mainline.

0.29 2005-11-22 21:28:26 CET
    - Fixed version() for complex expressions.
    - Corrected some POD errors in module_info.

0.28_50 2005-07-10 21:48:19 CEST
    - Added support for (based upon a
      patch by John Peacock).
    - Fixed the safe() attribute to be per-object instead
      of global.

0.28 2005-04-17 17:10:33 CET
    - Correct the attributions of the fixes in 0.27 (I swapped
      authors' names).
    - Added Module::Build support as an alternative to
    - Added safe() option to forbid unsafe operations (currently
      executes version() code in a Safe compartment and forbids most
      other operations).
    - Fixed compatibility down to Perl 5.004_04.

0.27 2005-03-4 07:56:58 CET
    - Added missing localization of $_ in version().
      (thanks to Johan Lodin)
    - Fixed new_from_loaded() to return nothing when the module
      is in fact not loaded. (thanks to Boris Zentner)

0.26 2004-07-11 17:15:36 CEST
    - Fix tests for Perl 5.8.x and 5.6.x.

0.25 2004-07-11 16:36:11 CEST
    - Fix test to work around modules_required reporting
      different version numbers (0.25 vs. 0.250) under bleadperl.
    - Report subroutine/method calls and modules required
      inside anonymous subroutines.

0.24 2003-10-1 11:45:45 CEST
    - Fixed version reported by modules_required for bleadperl.

0.23 2003-09-4 17:44:52 CEST
    - Fixes for modules other than the one being examined
      loaded from paths containing spaces.

0.22 2003-08-18 14:44:23 CEST
    - Fixed reporting of static method calls in Perl 5.8.1 RC4
    - Fixed reporting of module versions in Perl 5.8.1 RC4 when
      "use Foo 1.2.3;" is used

0.21 2003-08-15 18:48:53 CEST
    - Added licensing information to Module::Info POD
    - Added modules_required(). Original patch by Martyn J. Pearce,
      adapted by me (Mattia Barbon)

0.20 2003-05-22 10:30:31 CEST
    - Fixed a warning in module_info (thanks to Nathan Torkington)
    - Corrected number of skipped tests for Perl versions earlier
      than 5.6.1 (thanks to Mike Fragassi)
    - Fixed syntax error with Perl 5.004

0.19 2003-04-1 15:45:43 CEST
    - Added package_versions() (patch by Ken Williams)
    - Fixed handling of v-strings in use/require

0.18 2003-03-8 17:44:24 CET
    - Upgraded bundled B::Utils to 0.04 + Schwern patches
    - Fixed detection of require() statements in non-trivial BEGIN blocks

0.17 2003-03-2 11:01:55 CET
    - Added module_info
    - Fixed a warning when enumerating packages

0.16 2003-01-1 21:21:31 CET
    - Capture stderr output on MacOS Classic (thanks to Axel Rose for
      the patch)

0.15 2002-12-23 15:08:14 CET
    - Added die_on_compilation_error() method.
    - MacOS classic: fixed methods requiring loading.

0.14 2002-12-8 11:42:11 CET
    - Don't show modules loaded via $ENV{PERL5OPT}
    - Fixed the case where an op may be NULL when searching for require

0.13 2002-12-7 10:29:42 CET
    - pfunc can now distinguish between class and object methods
    - B::Utils no longer loading Exporter to avoid loading a bunch of
    - B::Utils's fake carp/croak were broken
    - B::Utils::opgrep() was not finding ops properly
    - Test made more polite for systems who's path_sep is not :
    - Fixing case where an op filter may encounter a NULL op when
      checking for entersubs
    - Quote filename in the call to B::Module::Info, allows
      using directories with spaces
    - Fixed the case where a module does not have any BEGIN blocks
    - Fixed non-bareword require in a BEGIN block
    - Fixed require $foo
    - Fixed BEGIN blocks not containing a require
    - Scan subroutines when searching for required modules
    - Fixed various problems with perl 5.6.1 on Win32
      (probably due to ithreads)
    - Use IPC::Open3 under Windows 95/98/ME, since 2>&1 does not work

0.12 2002-02-2 19:41:01 EST
    - Added pfunc
    - Now tested back to 5.004
    - Fixed a bug where certain modules were being ignored
    - Fixed a bug in subroutines_called() with EXPR->method()
    - subroutines_called() now reports properly on function calls
      with symbolic refs

0.11 2002-02-2 16:54:23 EST
    - Fixed B::Utils->kids
    - Added subroutines_called()
    - Added superclasses()
    - Added dynamic_method_calls()
    - Documented that it isn't just for modules.
    - name() can now be used to set
    - failures inside B::Module::Info now report their errors instead of
      failing silently
    - Added a THANKS section.

0.10 2001-12-12 05:40:14 EST
    - Windows filenames would cause subroutines() and modules_used() to 
      choke. (Thanks to Alessandro Forghieri for the patch)

0.09 2001-12-10 14:55:09 EST
    - little bug in modules_used() and "require 5.004"

0.08 2001-12-10 14:24:56 EST
    - Implemented modules_used()
    - Fixed a little bug in walkoptree_filtered() and $B::Utils::file/line

0.07 2001-12-10 11:09:40 EST
    - Implemented subroutines().  Need help getting modules_used() done.
    - Fixed up $B::Utils::file/line handling in B::Utils.
    - Fixed a little bug in is_core involving cannonical paths.
      I forget who gave me the patch!
0.06 2001-11-24 20:45:15 EST
    - Implemented packages_inside().  Need help getting the rest done.
    - Distributing a hacked up version of B::Utils until the main
      distribution gets fixed.

0.05 2001-11-23 18:06:22 EST
    - Rafael Garcia-Suarez noticed I forgot to deal with code refs in
      @INC.  The plan is to just skip them until someone notices.

0.04 2001-11-23 14:49:21 EST
    - Tassilo von Parseval noted isn't backwards compat.
      Replaced with $^W.

0.03 2001-11-23 00:39:11 EST
    - Testing all_installed()
    - Abe Timmerman fixed a little portability bug in the test.

0.02 2001-11-22 10:08:00 EST
    - Added new_from_loaded()

0.01 2001-11-22 09:42:06 EST
    - First working version
    - From a discussion on p5p about ExtUtils::MM_Unix->parse_version