2.2 neilb 04-jul-2002

	* Added a -directory option (with -dir alias) for specifying
	  a subdirectory in your CPAN directory. Suggested by Ilya.

2.1 neilb 01-jul-2002

	* changed all references to to

2.0 neilb 08-feb-2002

	* If you don't give your CPAN password in .pause or via a switch,
	  you'll now be prompted for it, with echo'ing turned off.
	  Suggested by Ed Avis. This added a dependency on Term::ReadKey.
	* If an ftp upload of a file fails, then you're now prompted
	  to see if you want to continue. We now only try and POST to
	  the PAUSE site for files which we actually managed to upload :-)
	  Also suggested by Ed Avis.
	* Added a -non_interactive (or -ni) switch. If this is given,
	  then cpan-upload will never prompt (see above two points),
	  but will also do some default action (eg warn or die).
	* Various documentation updates.
	* Updated versions of AppConfig::Std and Pod::Usage that we
	  depend on - APIs have changed, so need latest versions.

1.9 neilb 11-march-2001

	* Fixed typos in a couple of messages.
	* Tidied up the documentation.
	* Added mention of ftp_gateway to the section on CONFIGURATION FILE.
	* Fixed a bad pod sequence: b<...> instead of B<...>
	  which are used by cpan scripts. Since this gets uploaded in a tarball,
	  it won't currently get picked up by the cpan scripts stuff.

1.8 neilb 6-march-2001

	Dang! Silly bug when getting the basename of files being uploaded.

1.7 neilb 6-march-2001

	If you specify -debug, then -verbose is now turned on for you.

	Too many newlines in the output - _verbose and _debug were
	adding them, unnecessarily.

1.6 neilb 6-march-2001

	[can't remember when I made all these changes, some time
	between 1.3 and now :-]

	Updated to support the current upload interface on PAUSE.
	Updated to use AppConfig::Std.
	Tidied up the FTP server, fixed the handling of proxy/firewall.
	Use File::Basename to portably get the filename if you've
	given the full path.

1.3 neilb 24-july-1998

	Switched to using HTTP::Request::Common (POST function).

	Now using Pod::Usage to generate the output for -help message.
	Added a -doc switch which displays the full pod (Pod::Usage again).

	Compacted the code using App::Config, given some new features
	in the latest version of App::Config.

	Added a prerequisite clause in Makefile.PL

1.2 neilb 2-april-1998

	The password was set to be expanded for variables by App::Config,
	since this is the default. Turned off this feature for password,
	since it can cause weirdness if you have potential variable refs
	in your PAUSE password. Thanks to Andy Wardley for having a
	bizarro password.

1.1 neilb

	first public release. only announced to p5p.