Revision history for Data::Fetch

0.06	Tue Nov 24 10:33:23 EST 2020
	Support arrays
	Warn when data has been primed but not used

0.05	Wed Nov 23 17:28:06 EST 2016
	Go back to using threads
	Return value even when not primed

0.04	Tue, 15 Nov 2016 18:42:11 GMT
	Improved handling of routines that return undef
	Ensure different values of prefix don't trash each other

0.03	Tue Nov 15 10:17:45 EST 2016
	Fix values call in DESTROY
	Correctly pass arg to thread
	Use Coro instead of threads
		this is temporary since Coro only works on <= 5.20 -
		need to fix threads usage

0.02	Mon Nov 14 22:16:47 EST 2016
	Specify minimum version of Perl for good thread support
	Allow an argument to be passed to the message
	Tidy up fetch() without get() to avoid thread leaks
	Correct argument call to thread->create

0.01	Mon Nov 14 14:29:08 EST 2016
        First draft