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Revision history for HTML-SocialMedia

0.29	Tue Jun 11 09:07:25 EDT 2024
	Removed documentation of Google PlusOne has been rebranded as
	Calling new on an object now returns a clone rather than setting the defaults in the new object

0.28	Sat Jan 18 06:38:22 EST 2020
	Fix RT#131501

0.27	Tue Dec 27 12:50:54 EST 2016
	Look in the correct place in the cache
	Include twitter http / https changes

0.26	Sat Oct 29 10:51:49 EDT 2016
	Use https URLs when host is on HTTPS
	Used latest 'tweet this' code from Twitter
	Added align argument to as_string()
	Upgrade to Facebook API v2.8
	Added facebook_share_button
	Remove newline before twitter handle
	Remember the facebook language on later calls to as_string()
	Test the cache handler

0.25	Sun Aug 16 20:24:43 EDT 2015
	Fix the Facebook like code

0.24	Fri Jul 24 12:41:18 EDT 2015
	Added LWP::Protocol::https as a prerequisite

0.23	Thu Jul 23 20:57:49 EDT 2015
	Fallback to the default location if there is a problem talking to
	Use latest Facebook JavaScript

0.22	Thu Feb  5 13:22:43 EST 2015
	Fixed call to wrong object for language variant
	Performance enhancement
	Fixed uninitialized value in lc

0.21	Tue Nov 11 08:50:50 EST 2014
	Fix t/rt100242 failing when IP::Country is installed
	Added optional CGI::Lingua argument to new()

0.20	Mon Nov 10 10:48:23 EST 2014
	Simplified the cache key
	Don't instantiate a CGI::Info object, we can use a class method
	Fix unitialised variable
	Accept logger to new()

0.19	Fri Apr 27 13:36:21 BST 2012
	Timeout after 10 seconds attempting to connect to Facebook

	Improved caching use with Twitter

0.17	Sat Feb 11 21:47:15 EST 2012
	Only do kwalitee test in author environment because it throws too
		many false positives

	Added the optional cache parameter

0.15	Wed Jan 11 10:39:20 GMT 2012
	Google PlusOne: use http or https as needed rather than always using
	Fix as_string test if Facebook supports fr_US

0.14	Thu Dec 29 21:40:15 EST 2011
	Added some author tests
	Fixed dependancy
	Changed to new Google plusone code, including multi-lingual support

0.13	Mon Oct 24 14:26:23 EDT 2011
	Ensured consistent spacecing between LinkedIn and Google plus1 on
		Firefox and IE
	Added Reddit

0.12	Wed Oct  5 13:42:51 EDT 2011
	Added support for LinkedIn's share button
	Added render: synonym for as_string() added for compatibility with

0.11	Thu Sep 15 12:55:58 EDT 2011
	If the brower's chosen language isn't supported by Facebook, then
		fallback to en_GB.  It would be nice to try more sensible
		choices, perhaps later.

0.10	Wed Sep 14 15:20:20 EDT 2011
	Fixed twitter follow button internationalisation

0.09	Sun Sep 11 13:10:35 EDT 2011
	Better handling of unlikely internationalisation scenarios

0.08	Sat Sep 10 11:48:17 EDT 2011
	Even more internationlisation support

0.07	Sat Sep 10 11:46:38 EDT 2011
	Beefed up the example in the documentation
	Improved internationalisation support

0.06	Thu Sep  8 18:28:35 EDT 2011
	Fixed some line up issues

	Google plus one wasn't being emitted in as_string()

0.04	Tue Sep  6 11:02:09 EDT 2011
	Added twitter_related option to new
	Renamed HTML-SocialMedia

0.03	Mon Sep  5 12:14:32 EDT 2011
	Fixed Facebook button language localisation

0.02	Mon Sep  5 07:19:32 EDT 2011
	Fixed the Facebook like button

0.01	Sun Sep  4 23:25:47 EDT 2011
        First draft