Audio::Play - interface for Audio::Data to hardware


  use Audio::Data;
  use Audio::Play;
  $audio = Audio::Data->new(...)
  $svr = Audio::Play->new;


Audio::Play is an wrapper class which loads Audio::Play::$^O i.e. a per-platform driver.

Each class provides the following interface:

$svr = $class->new([$wait])

Create the server and return an object. $wait is supposed to determine whether to wait for device (and for how long) but is currently not really working for many devices.


Set sample rate (if possible) to $rate.

$rate = $svr->rate;

Return sample rate.


Play $audio via the hardware. Should take steps to match hardware and data's sampling rate.


Set gain (if possible).


Wait for playing to complete.


Destructor flushes and closes hardware.


Nick Ing-Simmons <>, but sub-modules have been collected from wide variety of places.

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