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Nicola Worthington

Changes for version 1.29

  • Improved makefile version extraction.
  • Changed license to Apache 2.0 http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
  • Changed escaping on date in graph() to only happen with RRDs version 1.2 or greater (escaping should not be used with version 1.0)
  • Changed how the last values are pulled from the RRA in the last_values() method so it's more reliable now.
  • Fixed add_source() to work with rrdtool 1.2x and RRD version 0003 files.
  • Added /usr/local/rrdtool*/bin/ to the search path when looking for the rrdtool binary.
  • Tweaked Makefile.PL
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  • RRD::Simple - Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files