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Nicola Worthington

Changes for version 1.37

  • Changed the add_source() method so that new data sources will be appended to the existing data sources, instead of prepended as was done before. This is useful if you are updating your RRD file directly with RRDs.pm and are assuming the order of the data source names in the RRD file.
  • Added ability to use the STACK draw type in the graph() method. See examples/vmstat.pl and examples/vmstat-cpu-daily.png an example of how to use it and what the results can look like.
  • Added a couple more tests to t/26add_source.t
  • $RRD::Simple::DEFAULT_DSTYPE and $RRD::Simple::DEBUG will now no longer be reset/overwritten when loading RRD::Simple, if the values were already defined. The existing documented logic will still work as expected, assuming you do not explicitly set the variable before loading RRD::Simple. This behaviour is intented to reduce confusion.
  • Added examples/processes.pl
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  • RRD::Simple - Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files