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Nicola Worthington

Changes for version 1.39

  • Changed the return value from the graph() method to be a hash instead of an array, so that the data inside can be easily identified as being generated by a specific graph (daily, weekly, monthly, annual or 3year).
  • Added the min, max and last values plotted in each graph, and the filename of the image file written to disk to the graph() method return value.
  • Added some more checks in unit tests t/23graph.t and t/21synopsis.t to account for the changed to the graph() method return value.
  • Updated POD to reflect change in the return value from the graph() method.
  • Fixed an uninitialised value warning that occured if the graph() method was passed too few items in the 'sources' paramater compared to the number of items passed in the 'source_drawtypes' or 'source_labels' paramaters.
  • Added client/server server monitoring scripts in examples/data_gathering.
  • Updated POD for update() method to make it clearer that updating an RRD file that does not exist will result it one being automatically created for you using default values.
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  • RRD::Simple - Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files