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Nicola Worthington

Changes for version 1.42

  • Increased the spacing on the graph between the timestamps in the bottom right hand corner and the legend if the "extended-legend" parameter is NOT specified.
  • Added the "file" parameter to the new() constructor method to specify the RRD filename to be used for by the resulting RRD::Simple object. Eventually this will replace the (now optional) ability to pass the RRD filename as the first parameter to subsequent object methods.
  • Changed the POD to reflect the above changes to the new() constructor method regarding passing of the RRD filename at object creation time.
  • Added new unit text for the above changes to the new() constructor method.
  • Corrected minimum RRD::Simple version for rrd-server.pl as documented in README.
  • Updated the main POD to include data resolution information for each of the 6 different data retention period schemes.
  • Changed to an inside out object. Use the DEBUG environment variable to debug.
  • Updated and renamed RRD::Simple::Examples from a .pm file to a .pod file since it contains no actual code (only documentation).
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  • RRD::Simple - Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files