Revision history for Perl extension Authen::PAM.

0.16  2005-Sep-20
	- export the PAM_BINARY_PROMPT message type
	- minor fix in the configure script for testing DL_LOAD_FLAGS
	- added an entry in the FAQ about PAM_AUTHTOK and PAM_OLDAUTHTOK
	- some code cleanup by Alexey Tourbin
	- changed the typemap of pam_handle_t* to T_PTRREF;
	  this should fix warnings and some segmentation faults when using
	  64-bit ints (thanks to Walter Vaughan)
	- restored test 11 for the object oriented interface

0.15  2004-Nov-8
	- small changes to the FAQ
	- fixed pam_start to pass NULL to PAM if no user is given
	  (thanks to Angus Lees)
	- the test script will die if it cannot find a tty
	- if the test script cannot obtain the username it will force PAM to
	  ask for it
	- removed some trivial tests
	- the user can now abort the conversation function by returning
	  some error code (thanks to Penelope Fudd)

0.14  2003-Jan-22
	- upgraded to autoconf 2.53 and did a major rewrite of the 
	  configure script 
	- the changes in the autoconf scripts in the last version
	  had a bug which would prevent correct configuration if
	  a config.cache file exists, e.g if you run ./configure twice
	- added a test for pam_appl.h in the configure script
	- added support for PAM on Darwin and Mac OS X (thanks to
	  David Wheeler)
	- preliminary support for HP-UX 11.0
	- fixed parsing of -D arguments on the command line (thanks to
	  Jens Rehsack)

0.13  2002-Feb-25
	- the test script returns the number of failed tests (except test 10)
	  so that 'make test' can fail
	- fixed the code for loading constant symbols on systems with
	  non-english system locale (thanks to Andrzej Kukula)
	- better test for pam_strerror (thanks to Dag-Erling Smorgrav)
	- support for OpenPAM (thanks to Dag-Erling Smorgrav)

0.12  2001-Jul-10
	- some simplifications of the configure script
	- the format of the conversation messages seems to be different
	  on Solaris and Linux-PAM and I tried to accomodate for this
	- a number of PAM error codes were not exported

0.11  2000-Dec-06
	- reorganized the PAM.xs for easier support of callback functions
	- added support for user (perl) defined fail_delay function
	- the pam_fail_delay function was not exported
	- fixed a bug when calling pam_set_item($pamh, PAM_CONV_FUNC, ...)
	- the PAM.xs now compiles on perl 5.6 (thanks to Roland Pope) 
 	- the compiler can be changed by setting the environment variable
	  CC before calling 'perl Makefile.PL'

0.10  2000-May-02
	- fixed some small problems with the constructor 'new'
	  (thanks to <wil at>)
	- added a FAQ file
	- added PAM_CONV_AGAIN and PAM_INCOMPLETE constants from the
	  new versions of the Linux PAM library

0.09  2000-Feb-03
	- fixed a bug in PAM.xs when more than one messages are given
	  to the conversation function (thanks to Oleg Bulavsky)
	- small changes to the test script
	- several old constant symbols are exported only on request;
	  also created two tags :constants and :functions for easier
 	  exporting only some of the symbols

0.08  1999-Sep-13
	- fixed a bug when returning empty strings from the conversation 
	  function (thanks to Eric Einhorn)

0.07  1999-Jun-08
	- the test script now gets the user name from the real user id
	- restored back the file Makefile.PL and modified the configuration 
	  process so that the module is now build in the standard way
	- added a dummy file d/ so that CPAN can find the version
	  number and the docs (thanks to Graham Barr)

0.06  1999-May-19
	- the test script now passes to pam the current tty which is needed
	  by some authentication modules (e.g. pam_securetty)
	- some of the test programs in configure need to be linked with -ldl
	  under Linux
	- the default converstation function now uses termios functions to
	  turn off the echo (thanks to Charlie Brady)

0.05  1999-Mar-23
	- the package is now configured with a `configure' script
	- the module can now be used with FreeBSD 3.1 PAM library
	  (thanks to Adrian Pavlykevych)
	- removed the PAM_AUTHTOK and PAM_OLDAUTHTOK constants because they
	  can be used only by modules
	- the test script now returns the pam error code for tests which fail

0.04  1998-Oct-30
	- in the previous version the HAVE_PAM_ENV_FUNCTIONS was incorrectly 
	  commented by default
	- added a workaround for a bug in the solaris 2.6 pam library
	  (tanks to Dawn Whiteside)
	- the distribution now includes the xsubpp patch
	- added a call to the pam_authenticate function to the test program

0.03  1998-Oct-06
	- added support for the earlier versions of Linux-PAM without env 
	  functions (those before version 0.54)
	- fixed some compiler warnings

0.02  1998-Jun-09
	- the module is now compatible with Solaris 2.6 PAM library
	  (thanks to Lupe Christoph)
	- added object oriented interface
	- added default value for $flags argument for most of the functions

0.01  1998-May-18
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18