Todo for Data/TreeDumper/Renderer/DHTML 

Add the possibility to expand collaps and link (explorer style)

change module name to DHTML::Simple

Add DHTML::Arrow module for the example with red/green arrow

add module that displays +/- images located in the current directory (try with inline base64 encoded images too)

#Integrate latest staffan's modifications (the one verified with W3C validator)

#Add search option
	can't do  on closed nodes!
#Add links between nodes

open node when clicking on a link to it (like for search)

#Have a single Expand/collapse button

#Expand collapse buttons should have a unique id per dumped data!

Add pathes opening and closing in the renderers interface

#start expanded/collapsed option

flash target

glyph, link, address, size, perl_address should have different classes

#Javascripts should be specific for a the tree to allow us to dump multiple trees in the same document