The goal of the VIP project is to produce a first class Perl editor.

The editor will consist of the core engine and have (at first) 
three interfaces, a module interface, a text based (curses)
and a graphic (gtk-perl).

Apart from the usual features, such as syntax coloring and
templates/wizards, we plan to include innovative features, like support
for Pair Programming, and to make it extremely configurable and

The project is currently in the initial phase and we expect to have a
working draft within short.

This  project as two member, so far, Nadim Khemir and Kaare Rasmussen but we'd
like to see more.

We can always use help. To test it out, find bugs, propose features and
write documentation, plugins and code.

Nadim has been using a perl text editor for years but never bothered to
make it 'right' for distribution. The first version we will release will
be a refactoring of Nadim's editor.

As this project is just starting, you can influence it by giving us input
on what you like in you current text editor and what you would have like
to see in a perl text editor. Telling us what you don't like in text 
editors will help us to not make the same mistakes.

The discussion forum is at (prefered) or mail the