Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-SporeDefinitionControl

0.17    2019-04-16, Frédéric Lechauve, Nicolas Oudard
        Add Access control header to all requests

0.17    2019-04-05, Frédéric Lechauve, Nicolas Oudard
        update the way origin is manage + access-control-allow-credentials on all requests (Frederic Lechauve)

0.16    2019-01-28, Nicolas Oudard
        _load_path_validation must be done if path_validation does not exist (Frederic Lechauve)

0.15    2019-01-28, Nicolas Oudard
        add the capability to manage method OPTIONS (Frederic Lechauve)

0.14    2016-02-24, Nicolas Oudard
        Fix typo in error message when a parameter is wrong (Simon Lenne)
        manage form-data in check_spore_definition (Frederic Lechauve)

0.13    2012-10-25, Nicolas Oudard
        Load spore fiel on the first use instead of on the load of the module

0.12    2012-10-24, Nicolas Oudard
        new get_functions_from_request which return all function 
          on specs which match to path and method

0.11    2012-06-25, Nicolas Oudard
        Change error returned if no route pattern is find

0.10    2011-07-03, Nicolas Oudard
        New before call from new Dancer version (Dams)

0.08    2011-07-03, Nicolas Oudard
        Allow functions to have the same route

0.03    2010-12-23, Nicolas Oudard
        Delete dependence of Dancer patch
        Use at least Dancer version 1.3000

0.02    2010-12-31, Nicolas Oudard
        add tests

0.01    2010-09-01, Nicolas Oudard
        First version.