Revision history for Data-Morph: 1.140400

1.140400  2014-02-09 13:58:27CET+0100 Europe/Amsterdam
        Fix heisenbug around failing CPAN Testers reports. See 73e0ec0
        for more details.

1.113280  2011-11-24 13:51:27 Europe/Amsterdam
        Add support for alternations on read directives for the Raw backend

1.113270  2011-11-23 15:20:25 Europe/Amsterdam
        Add support for array substrate building and the tests for it

1.112770  2011-10-04 10:30:35 Europe/Amsterdam
        Bug/Doc fix regarding the map constraint. It should have been:
            union([Str, Tuple[Maybe[Str], CodeRef]])

1.112760  2011-10-03 19:06:52 Europe/Amsterdam
        Relax the constraint on the store method defined in Role::Backend from
        Defined to Any

        Allow for one-way transformations by not providing a write within the
        map for that particular element

        Read elements can now use a tuple of undef+coderef as a special case
        for supplying OOB data

1.112730  2011-09-30 14:19:35 Europe/Amsterdam
        Tweak generate_instance to receive the raw input to allow for dynamic
        building of instances.

        Move the default value for new_instance in Backend::DBIC out to a
        builder method

        Update deps to include SQL::Translator so we can test with DBD::SQLite

1.110540  2011-02-23 05:50:32 America/Chicago
        Initial Release