Revision history for Perl extension Digest::CMAC.

	- The block splitting used a 5.8 feature (unpack groups). Added a slower
	  regex fallback for older perls.
	- Various other minor fixes means we're compat down to 5.004. Ancient deps
	  must be installed thougj, virtually all of them require 5.6 nowadays.

	- Added OMAC2 support and made OMAC1 into an alias for CMAC
	- Significant speed improvements (about 130x faster)
	- Cipher parameter can be an object, too
	- <forgot to changelog this in 0.03>: fixed 64bit blocksize constants to
	  match the spec and changed the test accordingly

0.02  Mon Jul 17 04:11:48 JST 2006
	- add 64bit block cipher tests.
	- fixed blocksize check.
	- add methods: addfile, add_bits
	- fixed b64digest result string.

0.01  Sat Jul 15 20:57:12 JST 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-n Digest::OMAC -X