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Ton Voon
Nagios::Plugin - A family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins
Nagios::Plugin::Config - read nagios plugin .ini style config files
Nagios::Plugin::ExitResult - Helper class for returning both output and return codes when testing.
Nagios::Plugin::Functions - functions to simplify the creation of Nagios plugins
Nagios::Plugin::Getopt - OO perl module providing standardised argument processing for Nagios plugins
Nagios::Plugin::Performance - class for handling Nagios::Plugin performance data.
Nagios::Plugin::Range - class for handling Nagios::Plugin range data.
Nagios::Plugin::Threshold - class for handling Nagios::Plugin thresholds.
Changes for version 0.36
    • Updated check_threshold to allow multiple check values to be checked at once

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