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Douglas Christopher Wilson
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP - Nagios plugin to check over HTTP.
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Formatter - Moose role for output formatters
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Formatter::Nagios::Auto - Detect installed Nagios version and format accordingly
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Formatter::Nagios::Version2 - Format output for Nagios version 2
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Formatter::Nagios::Version3 - Format output for Nagios version 3
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Library - Types library for Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Middleware - Moose role for response middleware
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Middleware::PerformanceData - Modifies responses based on performance data
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Middleware::StatusPrefix - Adds plugin name and status to response messages
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Parser - Moose role for output parsers
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Parser::Standard - The standard response parser
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::PerformanceData - Represents performance data of a Nagios plugin
Nagios::Plugin::OverHTTP::Response - Represents a parsed reponse from the HTTP server
Changes for version 0.16
    • Change format of Changes file.
    • Use newer version of MooseX::Getopt for changes in usage handling.

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