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Torsten Raudssus
Net::APE - Packages for using APE-Project (Ajax Push Engine)
Net::APE::Cmd - Executing a command on the APE-Server
Net::APE::Cmd::Check - CHECK Command
Net::APE::Cmd::Connect - Making a clean connect to the APE-Server
Net::APE::Cmd::Inlinepush - Executing an inline push on the APE-Server
Net::APE::Cmd::Join - JOIN Cmd
Net::APE::Cmd::Role::Data - Role for APE Requests with data
Net::APE::Raw - Raw object from the APE-Server
Net::APE::Request - Executing a command on the APE-Server
Net::APE::Response - Parsing an APE-Server response
Net::APE::Server - Abstraction of an APE Server
Net::APE::Session - A session to an ape server
Changes for version 0.003
    • Switched to Dist::Zilla
    • Fixed the f**ked up tests finally

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