Tom Molesworth

Changes for version 1.000

  • API changes: The close events now use 'code' and 'reason' more consistently - previously the code had reply_code / message in some places. This may affect any "close" event handlers in existing code (for channels or connections).
  • Features:
  • Queue declare now resolves with number of messages and consumers as well as the queue instance.
  • Futures are now labelled for easier tracing
  • amqp_frame_info() provides more information on known frame types
  • Net::Async::AMQP::Queue now has a ->consumer wrapper, which is slightly more userfriendly than the ->listen method.
  • Bugs fixed:
  • Various connection handling issues when client/server close a channel or the entire connection.
  • Also updated the list of alternative AMQP implementations.
  • This version has only been tested up to 80k channels across 80 connections, with a pair of consumer and publisher for each of those channels - so although it should be possible to run with more active channels, given sufficient memory/CPU, that's as far as this version has been tested.
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