TODO list for Perl module Net::BitTorrent
Annotated Guide to the Ins and Outs of Net::BitTorrent
Painfully small example
Bare minimum example BitTorrent client
Demonstration of using a standalone Net::BitTorrent::Torrent object to gather information
Demonstration script that logs EVERYTHING
Trivial Demonstration of a Multi-threaded Client
Demonstration of Net::BitTorrent::Torrent's Resume System
A quick demo of what can be accomplished in (slightly) less than 100 lines


BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol class
Kademlia based Distributed Hash Table
Remote BitTorrent Peer
Packet utilities for the BitTorrent protocol
Class Representing a Single .torrent File
BitTorrent File I/O Class
Single BitTorrent Tracker Tier
Single HTTP BitTorrent Tracker
Single UDP BitTorrent Tracker
BitTorrent Related Utility Functions
Net::BitTorrent's project-wide version numbers