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Christian Hansen
Net::FastCGI - FastCGI Toolkit
Net::FastCGI::Constant - FastCGI protocol constants.
Net::FastCGI::IO - Provides functions to read and write FastCGI messages.
Net::FastCGI::Protocol - Provides functions to build and parse FastCGI messages.
Net::FastCGI in lib/Net/FastCGI.pm
Net::FastCGI::Constant in lib/Net/FastCGI/Constant.pm
Net::FastCGI::IO in lib/Net/FastCGI/IO.pm
Net::FastCGI::Protocol in lib/Net/FastCGI/Protocol.pm
Net::FastCGI::Protocol::PP in lib/Net/FastCGI/Protocol/PP.pm
Changes for version 0.14
    • No functional changes in this release
    • Don't rely on hash keys being ordered in tests, Perl 5.18 introduces a per process randomization.

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