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Franck Cuny
Net::HTTP::API - Easily create client for net API
Net::HTTP::API::Error - Throw error
Net::HTTP::API::Meta::Class - metaclass for all API client
Net::HTTP::API::Meta::Method - create api method
Net::HTTP::API::Parser - base class for all Net::HTTP::API::Parser
Net::HTTP::API::Parser::XML - Parse XML result
Net::HTTP::API::Role::Authentication - Add authentication informations to request header
Net::HTTP::API::Role::Format - Set appropriate format to request header
Net::HTTP::API::Role::Request - make HTTP request
Net::HTTP::API::Role::Serialization - do (de)serialization
Net::HTTP::API::Role::UserAgent - create UserAgent
Changes for version 0.14
    • remove coerce on UriPath
    • use new Moose::Util::MetaRole

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