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Steffen Ullrich
Net::IMP - Inspection and Modification Protocol
Net::IMP::Base - base class to make writing of Net::IMP analyzers easier
Net::IMP::Cascade - manages cascade of IMP filters
Net::IMP::Debug - provide debugging functions
Net::IMP::Example::IRCShout - make IRC shout to others
Net::IMP::Example::LogServerCertificate - Proof Of Concept IMP plugin for logging server certificate of SSL connections
Net::IMP::Filter - simple data filter using Net::IMP analyzers
Net::IMP::Pattern - IMP plugin for reacting to matched pattern
Net::IMP::ProtocolPinning - IMP plugin for simple protocol matching
Net::IMP::SessionLog - analyzer which only logs data
Changes for version 0.629
    • fix smartwatch warnings with perl 5.19.7
    • fix test failure str2cfg with perl 5.19.7 (stringification of regex changed again)

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