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Steffen Ullrich
Net::IMP::Adaptor::STREAM2HTTPConn - translate IMP_DATA_STREAM data type to HTTP connection data types
Net::IMP::HTTP - interface for HTTP specific Net::IMP plugins
Net::IMP::HTTP::Connection - base class for HTTP connection specific IMP plugins
Net::IMP::HTTP::Example::AddXFooHeader - adds X-Foo header to HTTP response
Net::IMP::HTTP::Example::BlockContentType - sample IMP plugin to block response based on given content type
Net::IMP::HTTP::Example::FlipImg - sample IMP plugin to flip images
Net::IMP::HTTP::LogFormData - IMP plugin to log formular uploads
Net::IMP::HTTP::Request - base class for HTTP connection specific IMP plugins
Net::IMP::HTTP::SaveResponse - save response data to file system
Net::IMP::Adaptor::STREAM2HTTPConn::Conn in lib/Net/IMP/Adaptor/STREAM2HTTPConn.pm
Net::IMP::Adaptor::STREAM2HTTPConn::Request in lib/Net/IMP/Adaptor/STREAM2HTTPConn.pm
Changes for version 0.521
    • support for IMP_FATAL, added with Net::IMP 0.617

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