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Author image Steffen Ullrich


library for inspection of data on various network layers
base class for connections
provides debugging facilities for Net::Inspect library
base interface for Net::Inspect::* flows
get packets from PCAP
get raw IP packets, reassemble fragments
get IP data, extracts TCP connections
get IP data,i extract UDP packets and optionally maintain UDP connections.
tries to find and redirect to appropriate protocol handler
handles empty connections
handles empty connections
handles the connections nobody else deals with
guesses and handles HTTP traffic
chained inspection and modification of HTTP request and response
simple HTTP request handling
implements WebSocket-upgrade
guesses and handles SMTP traffic


in lib/Net/Inspect/Flow.pm
in lib/Net/Inspect/L5/Socks.pm
in lib/Net/Inspect/L5/Socks.pm
in lib/Net/Inspect/L7/HTTP/Request/InspectChain.pm
in lib/Net/Inspect/L7/HTTP/WebSocket.pm
in lib/Net/Inspect/L7/HTTP.pm
in tools/httpflow/privFileCache.pm
in tools/httpflow/privFileCache.pm
in tools/httpflow/privHTTPConn.pm
in tools/httpflow/privHTTPRequest.pm