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Steffen Ullrich
Net::Inspect - library for inspection of data on various network layers
Net::Inspect::Connection - base class for connections
Net::Inspect::Debug - provides debugging facilities for Net::Inspect library
Net::Inspect::Flow - base interface for Net::Inspect::* flows
Net::Inspect::L2::Pcap - get packets from PCAP
Net::Inspect::L3::IP - get raw IP packets, reassemble fragments
Net::Inspect::L4::TCP - get IP data, extracts TCP connections
Net::Inspect::L4::UDP - get IP data,i extract UDP packets and optionally maintain UDP connections.
Net::Inspect::L5::GuessProtocol - tries to find and redirect to appropriate protocol handler
Net::Inspect::L5::NoData - handles empty connections
Net::Inspect::L5::Socks - handles empty connections
Net::Inspect::L5::Unknown - handles the connections nobody else deals with
Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP - guesses and handles HTTP traffic
Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP::Request::InspectChain - chained inspection and modification of HTTP request and response
Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP::Request::Simple - simple HTTP request handling
Net::Inspect::Flow::Any in lib/Net/Inspect/Flow.pm
Net::Inspect::L5::Socks::IgnoreConnection in lib/Net/Inspect/L5/Socks.pm
Net::Inspect::L5::Socks::NoDataConnection in lib/Net/Inspect/L5/Socks.pm
Net::Inspect::L7::HTTP::Request::InspectChain::IgnoreBadGzip in lib/Net/Inspect/L7/HTTP/Request/InspectChain.pm
privFileCache in tools/httpflow/privFileCache.pm
privHTTPConn in tools/httpflow/privHTTPConn.pm
privHTTPRequest in tools/httpflow/privHTTPRequest.pm
Changes for version 0.304
    • added IPv6 support for L3::IP

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