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Changes for version 1.15

  • c: new function lnf_mem_setopt for configuring some lnf_mem options
  • c: lnf_mem_t can be switched into list mode via lnf_mem_setopt(LNF_OPT_LISTMODE, ...); In this mode there is no aggregation of items; mode can be used for sorting records
  • c: improved merge_threads (removed deadlock)
  • c: new function lnf_mem_lookup_c and lnf_mem_lookup_raw_c
  • c: new example examples/lnf_ex09_memlookup.c
  • c: new example examples/lnf_ex10_listmode.c
  • c: new option -l in examples/lnf_ex04_threads.c
  • nfdumpp: sorting without aggregation
  • c: removed binnary and .o objects from original nfdump sources in distribution package (Bug #105944)


  • Net::NfDump - Perl API for manipulating with nfdump files based on libnf.net library