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Tomas Podermanski


  • Net::NfDump - Perl API for manipulating with nfdump files


Changes for version 1.08

  • c: doc update
  • c: EXPERIMENTAL very early stage of new filter code independent of the original nfdump filter code. New function lnf_filter_init_v1 or lnf_filter_init_v2 is used to initialize either old (nfdump) or new (libnf) filter. By default lnf_filter_init calls the old one filter.
  • c: new error code LNF_ERR_OTHER_MSG for errors where lnf_error buffer is set
  • c: _LIBNF_H macro added in the libnf.h file
  • c: new function lnf_mem_read_reset - set cursor to first record
  • c: nfdumpp uses by default only 70% of available threads
  • c: nfdumpp checks -O option
  • c: removed bug - libnf fails after attempt to read empty lnf_mem
  • c: removed memory leak in original nfdump in LZO
  • c: initial number of buckets in hash table increased to 500000
  • c: new functions lnf_mem_read_raw, lnf_mem_write_raw added
  • c: examples/lnf_ex06_readreset added
  • c: examples/lnf_ex05_memtrans added
  • c: examples/lnf_ex04_threads option -n added
  • c: bug in bpd and pps calculation
  • perl: removed memory leak in perl API (Bug #104294)
  • perl: nfasnupd accepts -c with additional prefix database