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Tomas Podermanski


  • Net::NfDump - Perl API for manipulating with nfdump files


Changes for version 1.07

  • c: nfdumpp utility added
  • c: added calculated items - duration, bps, pps, bpp
  • c: lnf_fld_info added
  • c: lnf_fld_parse added
  • c: lnf_mem_fastaggr added
  • c: lnf_info extended
  • c: performance update (15-20%)
  • c: thread support for filter operations (not released to public)
  • perl: static library removed from build tree (Bug #101544)
  • perl: nf_asn_geo_update and download_asn_db removed
  • perl: bin/nfasnupd - ASn updater added (replacement for nf_asn_geo_update)
  • perl: doc update