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Changes for version 1.17

  • -perl: added test t/09-instances.t -perl: test for calculated items in test t/08-aggreg-sort.t -perl: net option CompatMode -c: time fields can be user as aggregation key with alligned time -c: new lnf_mem option LNF_OPT_COMP_STATSCMP -c: sort support for calculated fields -c: removed bug when thread key was nor released after lnf_mem release -c: LNF_CALC_*PS items returns LNF_ERR_NAN when division by 0 is detected -c: new flag LNF_APPEND in lnf_open for open file in append mode (not supported by nfdump format) -c: LNF_FLD_INFO_SIZE can be returned by lnf_fld_info -c: added LNF_<type>_T with basic types definitions used by libnf -c: removed bug when memheap crashes after mixing pair and non pair fields (Thanks to Jan Wrona) -c: new fields LNF_FLD_INGRESS_ACL and LNF_FLD_EGRESS_ACL representing all fields *_ACL_ID, *_ACE_ID, *_XACE_ID in one structure lnf_acl_t -nfdumpp: redesigned command options
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  • Net::NfDump - Perl API for manipulating with nfdump files based on libnf.net library