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Net::Proxy::Tutorial - Network proxies for fun and profit
connect-tunnel - Create CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies
sslh - Switch incoming connection between SSH and SSL/HTTPS servers
Net::Proxy - Framework for proxying network connections in many ways
Net::Proxy::Connector - Base class for Net::Proxy protocols
Net::Proxy::Connector::connect - Create CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies
Net::Proxy::Connector::connect_ssl - Create SSL/CONNECT tunnels through HTTP proxies
Net::Proxy::Connector::dual - Y-shaped Net::Proxy connector
Net::Proxy::Connector::dummy - Dummy Net::Proxy connector
Net::Proxy::Connector::ssl - SSL Net::Proxy connector
Net::Proxy::Connector::tcp - Net::Proxy connector for standard tcp proxies
Changes for version 0.12
    • print a meaningful error message when the ssl connector can't listen
    • connect-tunnel now dies early if LWP::UserAgent is not installed (and t/90compile.t does pass as well)
    • prevent t/21connect.t to fail when a environment proxy is defined

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