=head1 NAME

Net::SIP::Blocker - blocks SIP requests based on method name


  my $block = Net::SIP::Blocker->new(
	  block => { 'SUBSCRIBE' => 405, '...' => ... },
	  dispatcher => $disp,

  my $chain = Net::SIP::ReceiveChain->new(
	  [ $block, ... ]


Blocks incoming requests by method name and sends back custom
error message.


=over 4

=item new ( BLOCK,DISPATCHER )

Returns a new blocking object to be used in the chain.

BLOCK is a hash reference where the keys are the methods to be blocked and
their values are the reason why the method was blocked. The reason
is the three digit code, optionally followed by a text.

DISPATCHER is a L<Net::SIP::Dispatcher> object.


=head1 METHODS

=over 4

=item receive ( PACKET,LEG,FROM )

PACKET is the incoming packet,
LEG is the L<Net::SIP::Leg> where the packet arrived and FROM
is the C<< "ip:port" >> of the sender.