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Steffen Ullrich
Net::SSLGlue - add/extend SSL support for common perl modules
Net::SSLGlue::FTP - extend Net::FTP for FTPS (SSL) and IPv6
Net::SSLGlue::LDAP - proper certificate checking for ldaps in Net::LDAP
Net::SSLGlue::LWP - proper certificate checking for https in LWP
Net::SSLGlue::POP3 - make Net::POP3 able to use SSL
Net::SSLGlue::SMTP - make Net::SMTP able to use SSL
Net::SSLGlue::Socket - socket which can be either SSL or plain IP (IPv4/IPv6)
Net::POP3::_SSL_Socket in lib/Net/SSLGlue/POP3.pm
Net::POP3::_SSLified in lib/Net/SSLGlue/POP3.pm
Net::SMTP::_SSL_Socket in lib/Net/SSLGlue/SMTP.pm
Net::SMTP::_SSLified in lib/Net/SSLGlue/SMTP.pm
Net::SSLGlue::FTP::SingleSessionCache in lib/Net/SSLGlue/FTP.pm
Net::SSLGlue::LWP::Socket in lib/Net/SSLGlue/LWP.pm
Changes for version 1.053
    • if current LWP is detected is use this mostly unpatched
    • fix Net::SSLGlue::FTP to use the same hostname when verifying the certificate of the data connection

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