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Gianni Ceccarelli
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers - set of helper roles and types to deal with Net::Stomp
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::CanConnect - role for classes that connect via Net::Stomp
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::CanSubscribe - role for classes that subscribe via Net::Stomp
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::Exceptions - exception classes for Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::ReadTrace - class to read the output of Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceStomp
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::ReconnectOnFailure - provide a reconnect-on-failure wrapper method
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceOnly - role to replace the Net::Stomp connection with tracing code
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceStomp - role to wrap the Net::Stomp connection in tracing code
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TracerRole - role to dump Net::Stomp frames to disk
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::Types - type definitions for Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::Exceptions::Stomp in lib/Net/Stomp/MooseHelpers/Exceptions.pm
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::Exceptions::Stringy in lib/Net/Stomp/MooseHelpers/Exceptions.pm
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceOnly::Connection in lib/Net/Stomp/MooseHelpers/TraceOnly.pm
Net::Stomp::MooseHelpers::TraceStomp::ConnWrapper in lib/Net/Stomp/MooseHelpers/TraceStomp.pm
Changes for version 2.5
    • fix race-condition on tracing: write to a temporary file, then rename; this fixes some hard-to-reproduce problems when used in conjunction with Plack::Handler::Stomp::NoNetwork, which would read a new frame from disk before we've finished writing it

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