package Net::iTMS;
# Written by Thomas R. Sibley, <>
use warnings;
use strict;

use vars '$VERSION';
$VERSION = '0.15';

use Net::iTMS::Error;
use Net::iTMS::Request;
use Net::iTMS::Artist;
use Net::iTMS::Album;
use Net::iTMS::Song;
use Net::iTMS::Genre;
use Net::iTMS::Search;
use Net::iTMS::Search::Advanced;

=head1 NAME

Net::iTMS - Interface to the information within the iTunes Music Store (iTMS)


    my $iTMS = Net::iTMS->new;
    my $artist = $iTMS->get_artist(2893902);
    print "Artist: ", $artist->name, "\n";
    for my $album ($artist->discography) {
        print $album->title, "\n";

        for my $track ($album->tracks) {
            print "\t ", $track->number, ": ", $track->title, "\n";


Net::iTMS is the main class (that is, the one you should be using) for
interacting with Apple's iTunes Music Store (L<>).

Currently, it provides means to access individual artist, album, and song
information in the iTMS.

=head2 Methods

All methods return C<undef> on error and (should) set an error message,
which is available through the C<error> method.

=over 12

=item C<< new(debug => 1, ...) >>

Takes an argument list of optional C<key => value> pairs.  The options available

=over 24

=item C<< debug => 0 or 1 >>

If set to a true value, debug messages to be printed to STDERR.

=item C<< show_xml => 0 or 1 >>

If set to a true value, L<Net::iTMS::Request> will print to STDERR the XML
fetched during each request.  The C<debug> option must also be set to true
for the XML to print.


Returns a blessed hashref (object) for Net::iTMS.

sub new {
    my ($class, %opt) = @_;

    return bless {
        error    => '',
        debug    => defined $opt{debug} ? $opt{debug} : 0,
        _request => Net::iTMS::Request->new(%opt),
    }, $class;

=item C<get_artist($artistId)>

Takes an artistId and returns a L<Net::iTMS::Artist> object.
sub get_artist {
    my ($self, $id, %opt) = @_;
    return $id
            ? Net::iTMS::Artist->new($self, $id, %opt)
            : $self->_set_error('No artist ID passed.');

=item C<get_genre($genreId)>

Takes a genreId and returns a L<Net::iTMS::Genre> object.

sub get_genre {
    my ($self, $id, %opt) = @_;
    return $id
            ? Net::iTMS::Genre->new($self, $id, %opt)
            : $self->_set_error('No artist ID passed.');

=item C<get_album($albumId)>

Takes an albumId and returns a L<Net::iTMS::Album> object.

sub get_album {
    my ($self, $id, %opt) = @_;
    return $id
            ? Net::iTMS::Album->new($self, $id, %opt)
            : $self->_set_error('No album ID passed.');

=item C<get_song($songId)>

Takes a songId and returns a L<Net::iTMS::Song> object.

sub get_song {
    my ($self, $id, %opt) = @_;
    return $id
            ? Net::iTMS::Song->new($self, $id, %opt)
            : $self->_set_error('No song ID passed.');

=item C<search_for($query)>

If C<$query> is a hashref, this method executes an advanced search using the
hashref and returns a L<Net::iTMS::Search::Advanced> object.

Otherwise, this method assumes C<$query> to be a string and executes a simple
search using the string and returns a L<Net::iTMS::Search> object.
PLEASE NOTE: This simple search does not work at this time due to unresolvable
changes in the iTMS.  Use the advanced search functionality instead.

sub search_for {
    my ($self, $query, %opt) = @_;

    return $self->_set_error('No query passed.')
        if not $query;

    return ref $query eq 'HASH'
            ? Net::iTMS::Search::Advanced->new($self, $query, %opt)
            : Net::iTMS::Search->new($self, $query, %opt);


=head1 TODO

        * browse, etc

        * browseAlbum URL... see what information
        * songMetaData... how to use this?  keep getting server errors

    Programmatic tests, instead of hand testing by me.
    Improved caching (more selective updates)
    Redo SYNOPSISes

=head1 BUGS

All bugs, open and resolved, are handled by RT at

Please report all bugs via

=head1 LICENSE

Copyright 2004, Thomas R. Sibley.

You may use, modify, and distribute this package under the same terms as Perl itself.

=head1 AUTHOR

Thomas R. Sibley, L<>