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Changes for version 1.15

  • one repository used for tests changed identifiers
  • 1.14b Wed May 18 16:29:31 CEST 2011
    • Explicit fallback to XML::SAX::PurePerl if we don't get a parser (we know that XML::SAX::PurePerl has the required features and does exist): Warn about probably broken XML::SAX installation and issues with ParserDetails.ini [Fix mainly motivated by reputation management: Far too many smoke tests failing because of automated (=> no ParserDetails.ini => broken) installs of XML::SAX]
  • 1.14a Tue May 17 18:50:03 CEST 2011
    • Record::OAI_DC: asString() now returns the string and does not print any more
    • Dependencies: XML::SAX::Base 1.04 (as per XML-SAX since 0.11 and opposed to the standalone version on CPAN) is really a necessary prerequisite! (Thanks to Dave Sheroman for testing this out)
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