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Changes for version 5.05 - 2020-10-21

  • Bump all versions to 5.05 in order to remove various version mismatches. (GH #77) (Olaf Alders)
  • Add a simple test case for an ipv6 host (GH#66) (Olaf Alders)


Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)
Percent-encode and percent-decode unsafe characters
Expand URI using heuristics
Additional query methods for URIs
Parse and compose URI strings
Uniform Resource Locators
URIs which remember their base
encodes Unicode string in Punycode
URI that contains immediate data
URI that maps to local file names
LDAP Uniform Resource Locators


in lib/URI/IRI.pm
in lib/URI/file/Base.pm
in lib/URI/file/FAT.pm
in lib/URI/file/Mac.pm
in lib/URI/file/OS2.pm
in lib/URI/file/QNX.pm
in lib/URI/file/Unix.pm
in lib/URI/file/Win32.pm
in lib/URI/ftp.pm
in lib/URI/gopher.pm
in lib/URI/http.pm
in lib/URI/https.pm
in lib/URI/ldapi.pm
in lib/URI/ldaps.pm
in lib/URI/mailto.pm
in lib/URI/mms.pm
in lib/URI/news.pm
in lib/URI/nntp.pm
in lib/URI/pop.pm
in lib/URI/rlogin.pm
in lib/URI/rsync.pm
in lib/URI/rtsp.pm
in lib/URI/rtspu.pm
in lib/URI/sftp.pm
in lib/URI/sip.pm
in lib/URI/sips.pm
in lib/URI/snews.pm
in lib/URI/ssh.pm
in lib/URI/telnet.pm
in lib/URI/tn3270.pm
in lib/URI/urn.pm
in lib/URI/urn/isbn.pm
in lib/URI/urn/oid.pm