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Lyo Kato
OAuth::Lite - OAuth framework
OAuth::Lite::Agent - default agent class
OAuth::Lite::AuthMethod - auth method constants.
OAuth::Lite::Consumer - consumer agent
OAuth::Lite::Problems - constants for OAuth Problem Reporting Extension
OAuth::Lite::Response - response class
OAuth::Lite::Server::Test::Echo - simple echo server example
OAuth::Lite::Server::mod_perl2 - mod_perl2 OAuth server
OAuth::Lite::ServerUtil - server side utility
OAuth::Lite::SignatureMethod - signature method base class
OAuth::Lite::SignatureMethod::HMAC_SHA1 - HMAC_SHA1 signature method class;
OAuth::Lite::SignatureMethod::PLAINTEXT - PLAINTEXT signature method class;
OAuth::Lite::SignatureMethod::RSA_SHA1 - RSA_SHA1 signature method class;
OAuth::Lite::Token - token class
OAuth::Lite::Util - utility for OAuth
Changes for version 1.32
    • fixed invalid way to normalizing params. But it breaks backward compatibility, so you can switch behaviour by $OAuth::Lite::USE_DEPRECATED_NORMALIZER. Currently this value is set as 1 by default to keep backward compatibility. https://github.com/lyokato/p5-oauth-lite/pull/5 Thanks to ninjinkun

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