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Changes for version 0.37.0 - 2021-05-06

  • New Features
  • access registration app as app=registration
  • access passwordreset app as app=passwordreset
  • prefill form fields with set_{$key}=value
  • cleanup hash url with cleanup=1
  • Bugfix
  • do not close popup on showMessage
  • emit selection event on change selection in popup
  • Example:


build po files from trm calls in perl files
Application Builder Toolkit


Appliance Frontend Builder
get parse configuration file for CallBackery
RPC services for CallBackery
database access helpers
a simple exception class
GuiPlugin base class
Base class for a cardlist plugin
render server generated HTML
Base Class for a table plugin
get parse configuration file for CallBackery
Documentation Plugin
gettext po file translation functionality
tell me about the current user